IIIF Presentation Shim

Automatically generate IIIF-compatible JSON manifests for your media files.

Our IIIF Presentation Shim automatically generate manifests for IIIF clients that support the Presentation API (v3) specification. This is often a convenient method for accessing large file repositories where it can be difficult to maintain manifests individually.

This service requires a IIIF Image Service in order to embed images and thumbnails in presentations.

  • File Types: HEIC, JP2, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF
  • Maximum Size: 512 MiB (or 4 GiB for Professional Projects)

First Steps

This is one of the default services for new projects and is ready to use immediately. To try it out, upload a supported file and use the Manifest publishing link it generates.


When viewing a supported file, we provide some common links for you to work with.

  • Manifest this is the IIIF Presentation Manifest resource used by IIIF clients and applications.

Server API

If you are generating your own Publishing Links, there are three parts of the path to be aware of: the prefix, identifier, and rest of the path.

  • Prefix this is our standard Path Prefix in the form of /content/{SERVICE-KEY}/. For most projects, this will be /content/iiif-presentation/.
  • Identifier this is our standard Bucket-Object-Ref Parameter in the form of {BUCKET-KEY};key={ENCODED-OBJECT-KEY}. For most projects, this looks closer to uploads;key={UUID}.

For the rest of the path, it should match one of the following path templates:

  • /manifest a Manifest resource representation of the object. Subresources (such as the canvases and paintings) are embedded within the document by default.
  • /ref/page={INTEGER} the specific page number to reference, starting from 1.