Content Services

Efficiently transcode, optimize, and publish your raw, digital artifact files.

The digitization process for artifacts usually captures a lot of detail which, in turn, produces very large digital files. Content Services help convert and optimize those raw files into formats that can easily be used for publishing and sharing with end-users. Each project can be configured with its own set of content services and settings.

First Steps

When you create a project, we configure it with support for IIIF Image and IIIF Presentation Shim. To try it out, upload an image or PDF, and use the publishing links it generates. Then, feel free to reconfigure, remove, or add other content services for your project needs.

Key Concepts

As you work more with content services, there are a few terms to be familiar with...


Each service is created with its own, unique alias a concise, machine-friendly label to identify it. Once created, the alias cannot be changed. You'll most often find the alias embedded in publishing links when requesting files.

For example, the IIIF Image Service uses the iiif-image alias by default.