Curio Lane

IIIF Hosting

Quickly publish image tiles and metadata for IIIF clients, such as Mirador.

For publishing high-resolution media, we support the IIIF Image API (v3) a popular web service that efficiently delivers images to clients. Our managed services take care of all the processing, storage, and scaling to easily access your IIIF resources from professional applications and websites. Whether you are publishing a few dozen images or sharing terabytes of artifacts, we can help simplify your adoption of IIIF technologies.

Large File Uploads

Easily upload your image files with our web-based editor. We support popular formats like JP2, JPEG, and TIFF, and even support file sizes up to 4 GB. And don't worry about optimization or pyramidal formats we'll take care of all that. Simply drag-and-drop files from your computer or network.

Once processed, you can copy the provided info.json link directly into your own applications or any IIIF-compatible client, such as Mirador, OpenSeadragon, and Universal Viewer.

Example info.json for Curiosity's 1.8-Billion-Pixel Panorama (TIFF, 2.4 GB) using OpenSeadragon and IIIF Image.

Managed Servers

When you create a project, we automatically take care of provisioning servers so you can immediately publish your media from a hosted subdomain no need to worry about full disks and scaling servers. We also support using your own organization's domain, too, if you need publishing links that are a bit more brand-specific.

While we take care of the servers, you still have advanced control over the services and features you want to support. We offer powerful, policy-based configuration for many of the settings you might need. For example, you can limit the maximum size of exported images, include rights statements, and configure application-specific, preferred image sizes.

Nested Media

In addition to common image types, we also support PDF and nested media documents. Nested pages can be accessed through an additional parameter in Image API requests, or you can also use our IIIF Presentation Shim to access the multi-page documents in IIIF-supported viewers.

Example manifest for Image API 3.0 (PDF, 10.8 MB) using Mirador, IIIF Presentation Shim, and IIIF Image.